Stadt – album artwork ‘Kind Of Diversion’

Album artwork for the band Stadt, a krautpop band from Ghent.

The artwork has been included in ‘The Vinyl Frontier’, a book about vinyl sleeve design in Belgium. More about the book can be found here:

The pictures are taken from the book ‘In The Heart Of The Dark Night’ by George Shiras. George Shiras was a nightlife photographer, from Pennsylvania (1900). To photograph animals, Shiras set up camera traps using suspended string or rope that, when disturbed, triggered a flash and a remotely controlled camera that Shiras developed using a complex systems of wires. Shiras called this method flashlight trapping.

On my Facebook-wall, I frequently post rather weird pictures. One day, a picture of jumping deers caught the attention of Simon, Stadt’s drummer, who used to be my roommate at the time. Simon thought the jumping deers would be fitting for the next Stadt album and managed to find the original books online. As Shiras lived around the turning of the 19th century, we could freely use the pictures from the book.

The pixel grid refers to silkscreen printing. Unfortunately the silkscreen technique was too expensive so we tried to simulate. The slightly moved position of the colors are a suggestion of the psychedelic nature of the band, something they experimented more with on later artwork.

 Stadt ‘Kind Of Diversion’
Illustrator & Photoshop



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