Enochian experiment – ‘Earth/Air’

These illustrations are part one and two of the black and white prints within the Enochian experiment. They represent the words ‘Earth’ and ‘Air’.

The Enochian experiment is based upon a personal interpretation of the Enochian Key. The Enochian Key is a language written down by John Dee in the 16th century, when he was said to be spoken to by angels. According to Dee’s journals, angelical was supposed to have been the language God used to create the world, and which was later used by Adam to speak with God and the angels, and to name all things in existence.

For every Enochian syllable, there’s an English equivalent. Each letter has various characteristics: a symbol, a numerical value, one (or in some cases two) colors, a chemical symbol and so on. I abstracted the symbols by forming a grid in which every Enochian letter can be placed. The design of the symbols depend on its own characteristics, f.e. the thickness/weight of the line may be set by its numerical value. When doing this with every letter of a word, illustrations are formed. The main idea is to create illustrations not influenced directly by my own emotions but by following a calculation or a code.

The drawings for ‘Earth’ and ‘Air’ are based upon the most basic interpretation of the code. Each letter got the same weight and the color black. I used the words ‘Earth, Air, Fire and Water’ as they’re also the main elements appearing in the Enochian Key.

 Enochian experiment