Alkerdeel – video ‘Regardez ses yeux III’

Clip for the song ‘Regardez ses yeux III’, from the 2016 album ‘Lede’ of my own band Alkerdeel.

The original footage is from ‘Le Roman de Renard’, a 1930 stop-motion movie by Ladislas Starevich, based upon ‘The Fables of Jean de La Fontaine’. The lyrical and visual concept of ‘Lede’ is partly influenced by the same stories. Since my childhood I have been obsessed by upright walking wolves and foxes, probably because of a little trauma caught after visiting the dutch fairytale theme park Efteling. I wasn’t aware of this movie, but while searching for footage (again) on Youtube, mostly by adding ‘Eastern Europe’ and ‘stop motion’ as search entries, I came across this wonderful piece of art. Actually, I hoped to find something alike, as I was lucky to have been introduced to Eastern-European animation movies from an early age. My father worked in the Belgian film business and preferred to show these unusual and fantastic creations above fastfood Hollywood crap. So I knew what to look for, but finding such a rich and unique source of material, was beyond my expectations.

It would have been rather dull only to use the footage randomly, so I tried to sync the actions with the music and, although not following the original movie, suggest a story.

 Alkerdeel ‘Regardez ses yeux III’



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