#5 – Menace Ruine – Sigil Sessions

Menace Ruine serve a caustic and deconstructing mixture of power electronics, decadence, psychedelics and filth. Its Black Metal and Industrial-laden grimoires sound like observations of disaster. The Canadian duo’s main question is: ‘Why involve with the secondary if what matters is under your nose?’

The co-operation of S de la Moth and Genevieve isn’t a template. It is a pure artistic outcome of an individualistic, musical magician-ship. A work in constant progress. Something uncomfortable and obscure. On the flipside these two wayward artists are strongly connected to the globalised world they live in. They’re convinced that their passage on Earth should do the least damage possible. It makes for an interesting paradox. Might seem scoreboard journalism, but one could hear that Menace Ruine isn’t slurping the fountain of pure cynicism. They don’t do destruction for dummies. It might be what scientist call the ubiquitin-proteasome proteolytic pathway. Translated: destruction for the sake of construction.

Above all, Menace Ruine’s form is always connected to its content. On Sigil Sessions that means: shrieking melodies, cracked up jazz, staggering drones, hostile beats, narcotic voices, dark moods and a harsh lo-fi-aesthetic. It’s up to you to fancy what that says about the ideas. But it’s not that bright, if you ask us …

Tracks: Call To Blood – Defenestration – Desert Yourself

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A4 poster r/v
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