#1 – Wrath Of The Weak – ‘Persse’

Jordan Buck’s unutterable striving is best constructed in a setting of sole combatant membership. But don’t confuse these musical pyrotechnics with the tons of bedroom black metal kvlt acts scraping their bullocks off your flat streets. Wrath Of The Weak reveals crude, decomposed black metal with the genre’s typical elements, but without being trapped by its decorative design. Wrath Of The Weak produces deviant sound-collages, fussed by repetitive riffs and a shoegazed, dismal wall of sound. Wrath Of The Weak – Buck’s nom de guerre – its central task is freedom and self-realisation, not ministry of the weak. The Judeo-Christian outlook on self-sacrifice can’t obtain happiness, as you will agree. Paradoxically with its name, Wrath Of The Weak cultivates the strong, and rejects active sympathy for the suffering. It is God hung on an inverted cross.

Tracks: Untitled #73 – Tomorrow Never Knows – No Sleep Till Navarino

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3″ cd
Hand stamped
# 66
Black print
Red print



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